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Foranimeku.net - So I recently played some final fantasy brave Exvius the name sucks with the game is pretty decent it’s a final fantasy spin-off JRPG for mobile platforms nights named rain and last well in typical final fantasy fashion or drop into a conflict of good versus evil I’m not going to go too deep into the plot here is have not yet completed the game but as a fan of the classic games in the series i’ll say that so far it’s been quite adequate the game plays out in a similar way to other mobile JRPGs with Colin style dungeons but as a world map exploration missions with traditional style random battles as well as towns complete with shops and pcs with quests and rewarding little secrets throughout the game it also has some pretty interesting bosses by its summons a depressing lack of chocobos and even an arena you know everything you’d expect from a half-decent final fantasy game the game also adds a bunch of bells and whistles such as a crafting recipe system augmentin summons special party boosting vortex missions and character fusion two major things that stand out to me with this title is firstly the art styling nation well it is a 2d sprite-based game the level of Polish is impeccable it’s richard animation miss flows along the ground the clouds float gracefully in the sky and characters move fluidly the soundtrack is what I can only describe as on par with the rest of the series which if you’re familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise you know that’s a heavy statement to make the other thing that stands out to me is the fact that you can recruit all your favorite Final Fantasy characters completely remade with new animations move sets and limit breaks that stay true to the original characters designs.

What’s New: v
– New offer banner on main menu
– Daily login icon to check login progress
– Clock (displaying PST time) on news page
– Summon ticket icon on summon button
– Various minor bugs have been addressed
-A bug where the app was requesting access to the user’s phone state has been addressed.

What’s In The MOD:

1. Player High Atk
2. Player High Def
3. Drop rate 100%
Requires Android: 2.3 and Up


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