Setting Game Gta Vice City and Liberty City Ppsspp

Setting Game GTA Psp / PPSSPP Android

*Note :
Settingan ini hanya untuk game Gta Vice City dan Gta Liberty City Ppsspp


Mode: Buffered
Stimulate Block Transfer: No

Framerate Control
Frameskipping: 2
Auto Frameskip: Yes
Prevent FPS from exceeding 60: Yes
Alternative Speed: 600

Postprocessing Shader: Off
Stretch To Display: No
Small Display: No
Immersive Mode: No

Rendering Resolution: Auto (1:1) / 2xPSP
Display Rotation : Landscape
Display Resolution: Native Device Resolution
Mipmapping: No
Hardware Transform: Yes
Software Skinning: No
Vertex Cache: Yes
Lazy Texture Caching: Yes
Retain Changed Textures: Yes
Disable Slower Effects: Yes
Spline/Bezier Curves Quality: High

Texture Scaling:
Upscale Level: Auto
Upscale Type: xBRZ
Deposterize: No

Texture Filtering:
Anisotropic Filtering: Off
Texture Filtering: Auto
Screen Scaling Filter : Linear

Hack Settings:
Timer Hack: No
Disable Alpha Test: Yes
Disable Stencil Test: No
Force Depth Write: No
Texture Co-Ord Speedhack: Yes

Overlay Information:
Show FPS Counter: Speed
Show Debug Statistics: No

Software Rendering : No


Enable Sound: Yes
Audio Latency: Medium
Audio Sync : No

Audio Hacks:
Sound Speed Hack: No


UI Language:
Set to your Language

Fast Memory: Yes
Multithreaded: Yes
I/O On Thread: Yes
Force Real Clock Sync: No
Change Emulated PSP's CPU Clock: 1000

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Thanks Min... Work 100% Sekarang gak lag lagi , Tapi suaranya kadang jelas kadang gak jelasmin... itu gimana ya


@SEIRIN Kalo Soal Suara , Coba Frame Skip nya Di naikan jadi 3ke atas